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Updated 11/17/2020 

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   The Golden Legacy is a program that offers alumni the chance to form a special bond and lasting link with the future officers of the Coast Guard. Donated class ring are melted down and mixed with new gold to forge the class rings for the next generation of Coast Guard officers. This process will continue in perpetuity, linking the Long Blue Line with the generations to follow.

   The Coast Guard Academy's class ring symbolizes one's youth, pride, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to the core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty.





   November 13, 2020 Ė Golden Legacy Ceremony 2020



     Our CGA Link In The Chain class of 2022 invited our class to attend their 3/c Formal Dinner Dance on 28 March 2020.  Between the dinner and the dance, the Golden Legacy Ceremony would be held in Leamy Hall whereby our classmates had the opportunity to donate their class rings, to be melted and mixed into the gold for 2022ís class rings.


     Eight of our classmates donated their rings, one anonymously in memory of James Kehoe and Robert Schmoeger who crossed the bar while cadets. Ardel Williams donated her ring in memory of her husband and our classmate Charlie Williams. And as a class, we wanted to rededicate Bobby Vailís ring donated by his wife Mickie back in 2009, the first year of this tradition. Unfortunately, the 2020 event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



    At the formal dinner in the Cadet Wardroom, the program called for Terry Newell to address the Class of 2022 and present remarks to explain the rededication of Bobby Vailís ring during this yearís Golden Legacy Ceremony. The following link provides the text of the prepared remarks:

    "Remarks for Rededication of Captain Robert W. Vailís Ring to the Golden Legacy Program" by Captain Terry W. Newell, USCG (Ret), Ď72



  Alumni Association Virtual Golden Legacy Ceremony
    During the fall of 2020, the CGA Alumni Assn assisted our class in creating a video link to virtually represent the cancelled Golden Legacy Ceremony and preserve the memory.  Visit this video made by the Alumni Association for

    The Passing of the Rings - Golden Legacy: Class of 1972 and 2022

      Included in the video link above are:
  1)  Keynote Address by Bob Duncan 
Keynote Address (pdf copy) and at this link: https://www.cgaalumni.org/s/1043/uscga/index.aspx?sid=1043&gid=1&pgid=5433

  2)  A 3 minute video by Greg Johnson representing:
* Mickie Vail on behalf of her husband Bobby Vail [Crossed the Bar 2005]
* Ardel Williams on behalf of her husband Charles Williams [Crossed the Bar 2015]
* And a Ď72 Anonymous Donor in memory of:
     Cadet 3/c James Kehoe [Crossed the Bar 1969]
     Cadet 2/c Robert Schmoeger [Crossed the Bar 1971]

   [ Click on their names for their individual memorial page.] 


  3) And a 3 minute video from each of the following í72 donors explaining why they donated their ring.
    Ben Abiles     Tim Healey     Jim McCarthy     Terry Newell
    Brad Niesen   Tom Paar        Penn Shade
Here's the link to a pdf version of the '72 donors including Bobby Vail, Charlie Williams, Jimmy Kehoe, and Bob Schmoeger, their CGA graduation or cadet picture and bio. 
  -  Class of 1972 Ring Donors

    In addition, below is a link to the Alumni Assn Golden Legacy page with the CGA graduation pictures and current bio of each of our 2020 donors, as well as all Golden Legacy donors by year back to 2009 when the program started.  2009 is where you'll see Bobby Vail's picture and bio, one of the first.    


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What is the Golden Legacy Program?



Nov 18, 20018 - 2022 Class Crest with 1972 LITC - Way cool!

   Note:  "1972" in the left chain and "2020" in the right chain
Click on image for a larger view


July 2, 2018 - Script for CAPT Greg Johnson's CGA 72 Link In The Chain for 2022 To The Parents of the 2022 SWABs at Swearing In Day, Day 1

Admiral Rendon, Admiral Allen, Academy staff, distinguished guests, and a special welcome to the parents of the soon-to-be cadets of the CGA Class of 2022


  June 24, 1968, 50 years ago, 425 young men entered Chase Hall as the Class of 1972 and began their CGA journey.  Four years later 171 of us graduated as Ensigns and we began upholding the great Coast Guard traditions of humanitarian service to our country.  As the 50 year class for 2022, our two classes forever will be special links in the chain of the Long Blue Line of CGA graduates. 

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