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CGA Class of 1972

"Non pro uno, sed pro omnibus"

Not for one, but for all.

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    Welcome all classmates, family members and friends of Class of 72.
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 All Things 50th Reunion
Thursday October 13 Ė Sunday October 16, 2022
     All Things 50th

   - 09/06/2022 - All Things 50th Blog-vs090622
          One Stop Shop for Reunion News and Plans
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      Blog includes:

       - Medallion Ceremony Roster (list of attendees)

       - Schedule of Events

       - Reservations, Orders, and Payment

       - Class Headquarters

       - Medallion Ceremony Protocol

       - Dress Code

       - POC for Family Representatives

      - Transportation and Parking

      - COVID Protocol and Restrictions

 2022 Reunion Digital Yearbook & Directory Updates

TideRips 2022 - Review Copy rev07
(Rev 09/23/2022)
Contribute to your Yearbook - Review & Comment
Submit Your Updates for the Directory
      Updates in the Directory are highted in YELLOW

  - 07/10/2022 - Memorial & Fallen Soldiers Table - "Crossed the Bar" 
   Parking, Map

  - 04/04/2022 - Academy Map (jpg) - Open pdf version to print
         Click on map for larger image     Map of CGA for the families and friends we are inviting to carry, put in their phone photo directory for easy referral and for our classmates that are escorting them around (so they donít get lost). - Submitted by Tiger
   - Update 06/03/2022 - Composite List of 72 Classmates
                          Flashback   (files may be large; be patient to open)
  - 03/20/2022 - 2002 Reunion - submitted by Charlie McCarthy
        [ If you have any Flashback pics, you can submit them.]


               Reunion Committee
   Chairman - Charlie McCarty & Robbie,
 Tom & Elaine Meisenzahl, Jim & Janice Norton,
 Bill & Ella Armstrong, Greg Johnson, Tiger McCarthy, Tony Stimatz & Terry Newell
Classmates who Crossed the Bar
Never to be forgotten

 USCG Academy Campus

(Click for larger image)
348 classmates inducted
into the Class of 72:
Approx 343 reporting
plus 12 Reverters
 from the Class of 1971

Approx 170 left at various times
for reasons

Approx 178 graduated

Graduation Day
June 7, 1972



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