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CGA Class of 1972

"Non pro uno, sed pro omnibus"

Not for one, but for all.

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    Welcome all classmates, family members and friends of Class of 72.

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 All Things 50th Reunion
Thursday October 13 Ė Sunday October 16, 2022
3-1//2  months & counting towards our 50th! 
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    The Reunion Committee will post updated summary of all planning and activities here as the primary source for the most up to date information for our 50th Reunion.  Please visit this website often to stay up to date on reunion info.
Date posted - Reunion Plans
   Medallion Ceremony - Attendees, Clarifications

   - New 06/24/2022 -
Sitrep One Medallion Ceremony Roster Attendees
Crossed the Bar - With Us In Spirit During the 50th
     Important:  Please read all the way through the link above and
take action requested under "So order of business".
This Medallion Ceremony Roster replaces the now superseded Attendees Roster, and is informally binding in that the listed personnel are pledging to attend the Medallion Ceremony. If your name is on this Roster, then it is assumed you will be present to participate in the Medallion Ceremony.

   By 1 September (hard deadline), the Reunion Committee must pass the final Medallion Roster to the Alumni Association, who will coordinate with the Commandant's staff. Greg Johnson is the committee point man for the Ceremony. The Medallion Ceremony is a "premier" event and may be the highlight of the celebratory weekend for many. Please click the following link to the Class website to review the Medallion Ceremony protocol:

   Added 06/24/2022
- Clarification on Titles for Medallion Ceremony  

    1. The only time a title will be used during the ceremony is when the announcer announces the classmate's name.  The name and title will come from the Roster our Reunion committee submits to the Alumni Assn, and our class fully controls the roster, including titles.  Therefore the committee is depending upon each of you on the roster to let Terry Newell know your preferred title if it is different from what he has indicated on the Roster form. 
    2.  At the time the announcer announces the classmate's name, his graduation Picture and name as it appears in the '72Tide Rips will be displayed on the big screen.  No title. 

   2022 Reunion Digital Yearbook & Directory Updates
      Added 06/24/2022 - Submit Your Updates for the Directory
      Updates in the Directory are highted in YELLOW
   Medallion Ceremony, Clothing Order Form, Ladies Dress & Titles

06/15/2022 - 50th Clothing Order Form (w/ large images) 
                           (July 20th deadline to submit form)
(see Medallion Ceremony clothing clarification below)

  - Updated 06/15/2022 - Medallion Ceremony - Reunion Committee Briefing Notes
        Added 06/15/2022 - fr Reunion Committee

   Clarification on Clothing for Medallion Ceremony
        Shirt - The committee recommends to wear a light blue shirt, but white is acceptable. 
        Tie - The order form was to represent the tie only, you are not ordering the shirt.  And the shirt being white on the order form does not infer wearing a white shirt.  The committee  recommends a light blue shirt, but if you don't have one and you want to wear a white shirt that is acceptable. 
        Pants - We recommend  Dark grey or Charcoal dress slacks.     

  - 02/22/2022 - Ladies Dress Info for Medallion Ceremony
     Past References
  - Update 06/03/2022 - Sitrep 10 & Final Attendees Roster
                 Mates (116), Family Reps (11), Accompaniments (111)
                        -  Sitrep Nine Attendees
  - Update 06/08/2022 - All Things 50th Blog
    As of today we have 116 Classmates and 237 total head count (spouses, family representatives, and other attendees) signed on to attend the 50th.
    Read Blog for Specific List of Events / Schedule.
   Events, Schedules, Golf

  - Update 06/16/2022 for 72 Golfers - Class & Alumni Event Schedule & Costs
  - Updated 06/14/2022 - Golfers for 50th Homecoming

  - 01/09/2022 - Memorial & Fallen Soldiers Table - "Crossed the Bar" 

  - 03/28/2022 - POC for Family Members Attending 50th

  - 03/05/2022 - Update of Reunion Registration
   Parking, Map

- Added 06/24/2022 - Our class will have VIP academy parking; however, we will also be running shuttle buses to/from the Mystic Hilton hotel throughout the weekend.

- 03/16/2022 - Handicap Attendees - Handicap parking and/or a private chauffeur driven golf cart to get around to the various activities may be available.  If you feel you may need assistance, please contact the Reunion Committee,, as soon as you know ahead of time so the Alumni Association can provide one.

  - 04/04/2022 - Academy Map (jpg) - Open pdf version to print
         Click on map for larger image     Map of CGA for the families and friends we are inviting to carry, put in their phone photo directory for easy referral and for our classmates that are escorting them around (so they donít get lost). - Submitted by Tiger
   - Update 06/03/2022 - Composite List of 72 Classmates
                          Flashback   (files may be large; be patient to open)
  - 03/20/2022 - 2002 Reunion - submitted by Charlie McCarthy
        [ If you have any Flashback pics, you can submit them.]
                          Additional Events
  - 03/08/2022 - April 12th - 2022 Dining-in
  - 03/08/2022 - April 19th - 2022 1c Social
  - 03/08/2022 - May 18th - 2022 Graduation Tickets
  - 03/08/2022 - A Mentoring Program

01/23/2022 - 50th Reunion - Class Legacy - Updated - Add your legacy
        Classmate Legacy - Create a legacy document for yourself for posting on our Legacy page on this web site.
     Read more about this idea and guidelines.


04/18/2022 - Erroll Brown - Inductee for the BGCA Hall of Fame

11/10/2021 - Tony Zimmer - Updated memorial web page

11/14/2021 (Updated) - Classmates Who Left - Updates submitted by classmates

09/28/2021 - Directory updates for:
09/27/2021 - Rich Withers - Added SWABO and bio
09/28/2021 - Tom Yearout & Mark Noll - Updated SWABOs
09/29/2021 - Jim Gormanson & Scott Jones - Added SWABO
07/22/2021 - Traditions New & Old - New colum in the Alumni Bulletin
                      - Article by Paul Duddy & photo of Greg Johnson with a LITC cadet at the
                         Class of 2022 ring dipping ceremony
07/10/2021 - Bruce Melnick - Legacy

07/07/2021 (updated) - Mike Gray - Crossed the Bar on 06/28/2021 - Memorial
07/04/2021 (updated) - Hampton Beasley - Memorial
07/09/2021 (updated)- Danny Benefield - Memorial
05/25/2021 - NEW Legacy web page
Legacy link also added to menu at top of page

03/27/2021 - Classmate Legacy
- Create a legacy document for yourself for posting on our Legacy page (not yet created) on this web site.
     Read more about this idea and guidelines.

04/30/2021 - NEW web site address: 

     New email DLs - Members of Class, LITC, Private & Plus DLs can send to:
        Class DL -
        LITC members DL - 
        50th Reunion Committee DL -

     Private DLs - Only members of each DL can send to:
        Private DL (private for classmates on private DL) -
        Plus (private for Wives & friends of CGA72) -
03/27/2021 - Classmate Legacy - Create a legacy document for yourself for posting on our Legacy page (not yet created) on this web site.
     Read more about this idea and guidelines.

12/11/2020 - Art Butler - Crossed the Bar
12/10/2020 - John Boggs - Crossed the Bar - Updated 01/09/2021
11/24/2020 - Jim Whiting, Thanksgiving on the Homefront - by Karen Whiting



   November 13, 2020 Ė Golden Legacy Ceremony 2020


     Our CGA Link In The Chain class of 2022 invited our class to attend their 3/c Formal Dinner Dance on 28 March 2020.  Between the dinner and the dance, the Golden Legacy Ceremony would be held in Leamy Hall whereby our classmates had the opportunity to donate their class rings, to be melted and mixed into the gold for 2022ís class rings.


     Eight of our classmates donated their rings, one anonymously in memory of James Kehoe and Robert Schmoeger who crossed the bar while cadets. Ardel Williams donated her ring in memory of her husband and our classmate Charlie Williams. And as a class, we wanted to rededicate Bobby Vailís ring donated by his wife Mickie back in 2009, the first year of this tradition. Unfortunately, the 2020 event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



    At the formal dinner in the Cadet Wardroom, the program called for Terry Newell to address the Class of 2022 and present remarks to explain the rededication of Bobby Vailís ring during this yearís Golden Legacy Ceremony. The following link provides the text of the prepared remarks:

    "Remarks for Rededication of Captain Robert W. Vailís Ring to the Golden Legacy Program" by Captain Terry W. Newell, USCG (Ret), Ď72



  Alumni Association Virtual Golden Legacy Ceremony
    During the fall of 2020, the CGA Alumni Assn assisted our class in creating a video link to virtually represent the cancelled Golden Legacy Ceremony and preserve the memory.  Visit this video made by the Alumni Association for

    The Passing of the Rings - Golden Legacy: Class of 1972 and 2022

      Included in the video link above are:
  1)  Keynote Address by Bob Duncan 
Keynote Address (pdf copy) and at this link:

  2)  A 3 minute video by Greg Johnson representing:
* Mickie Vail on behalf of her husband Bobby Vail [Crossed the Bar 2005]
* Ardel Williams on behalf of her husband Charles Williams [Crossed the Bar 2015]
* And a Ď72 Anonymous Donor in memory of:
     Cadet 3/c James Kehoe [Crossed the Bar 1969]
     Cadet 2/c Robert Schmoeger [Crossed the Bar 1971]

   [ Click on their names for their individual memorial page.] 


  3) And a 3 minute video from each of the following í72 donors explaining why they donated their ring.
    Ben Abiles     Tim Healey     Jim McCarthy     Terry Newell
    Brad Niesen   Tom Paar        Penn Shade
Here's the link to a pdf version of the '72 donors including Bobby Vail, Charlie Williams, Jimmy Kehoe, and Bob Schmoeger, their CGA graduation or cadet picture and bio. 
  -  Class of 1972 Ring Donors

    In addition, below is a link to the Alumni Assn Golden Legacy page with the CGA graduation pictures and current bio of each of our 2020 donors, as well as all Golden Legacy donors by year back to 2009 when the program started.  2009 is where you'll see Bobby Vail's picture and bio, one of the first.


Also see

What is the Golden Legacy Program?



August 12, 2020 (Update 12) - Class of í72 Ė Military & Civilian Parents
   [Note: If you want to add, modify or insert a photo, just send an email to me. ]


July 16, 2020 - SWABO Updates in our Directory.

     If you want to add or update your SWABO, please send it to me.  Keep it brief or I may edit myself to shorten it. Thank you in advance.

    July 16, 2020 - Updated Tony Stimatz SWABO 

   May 12, 2020 - Added Gary Beck SWABO

   April 19, 2020 - Added Fred Litchliter SWABO
   April 14, 2020 - Updated Greg Lapp SWABO

   February 7, 2020 - Updated Herb Williams SWABO 
2020 SWABO updates in the Directory
are shown in light green.


   Plan ahead for our 50th Reunion - October 2022

   Class of 72 reunion committee
      Chuck & Robbie McCarthy (Primary Point of Contact)
      Tom &  Elaine Meisenzahl
Jim & Janice Norton
      Bill & Ella Armstrong
   1972 Crew Team - 25th Reunion

A brief history of our class
from 1968 to 2015
see Classmate's SWABO replies

 USCG Academy Campus
June 1968

(Click for larger image)
348 classmates inducted
into the Class of 72:
Approx 343 reporting
plus 12 Reverters
 from the Class of 1971

Formed into platoons
Shock & awe hits
Haircuts (no style choice)
Clock Orderlies
Regiment, battalion & company orgs
Marching to class
Academic Studies
Professors & Instructors
(some with strange habits & tics)
Drill Teams
Uniform & room inspections
Marching in the Quadrangle to
work off demerits
Roland Hall Wreck Deck safety
Saturday specials
(avoid by going to the Wreck deck)
North Gate orderly
Report arounds
Bypassing certian companies
due to known hard asses
Square meals braced up
Trivia questions
Escape & Rebellion

(Click for larger image)

[ Eagle Note: "1976 brought significant changes to the Eagle. The Coast Guard added their "racing stripe" and the words 'Coast Guard' to her otherwise unadorned white hull. In addition, the Eagle figurehead on the bowsprit of the ship was replaced." Ref ]

Summer cruises as swabs (1968)
& 2nd class (1970)
Approx 170 left at various times
for reasons

Approx 178 graduated
Studies continued
Collegiate & intramural sports
100th Day
3rd class cadets
Not swabs anymore
1969 Class of 73 swabs arrive
Then 2nd class cadets
Finally 1st class cadets
Classmates who "Crossed the Bar"
Football, basketball, soccer,
baseball games
Gymnastic, sailing, rowing crew,
golfing, shooting competitions...
and, at last...

Graduation Day
June 7, 1972
Off to new assignments
Grad School
Flight school
Ship, flight, shore & astronaut assignments

Jumping ahead

Classmates who "Crossed the Bar"
CG Retirement
New careers
Children & Grand Children

(Click for larger image)
40th Reunion at CGA
Sept 27-30, Oct 2012


see Classmate's SWABO replies
Many reached 65 before, on or after
Some celebrating 43 years of marriage
Some celebrating new marriages
Some celebrating not being married
Social Security
Retirement from new careers
Starting new careers
Some still sailing the seas
Some still working in jobs they enjoy
Enjoying children & grand children
Dealing with illnesses
Death of family members
Volunteer work
Free Time
New Adventures

OMG !!!
Where has the time gone?
Take time to live &
enjoy fulfilling your bucket list.



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