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Updated:  07/22/2021
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03/23/2019 - 2022 4C Formal Dinner & Dance

    By Greg Johnson

     The last 4/c Link In The Chain event for 2022 was the 4/c Formal Dinner and Dance held on 23 March 2019.  CGA 2022 invited our class to the formal and ten of us were able to honor our LITC class by attending.  Art and Carolyn Butler won the honor for coming the farthest, driving from Plymouth Michigan.  For those of us who did our graduate work at U of M in Ann Arbor you probably remember Plymouth Road out past North Campus to nearby Plymouth.  For some reason Art is still partial to the Big Green Machine of MSU, but he and I still posed for one of the pics with our LITC Cadet Bella Allman from Grand Haven MI, who, just like Art, took two years at MSU to prepare herself for the Academy.  Others who attended were Herb Williams RI, John Larned RI, Larry and Carol Brudnicki NH, Charlie McCarthy CT, Tom Meisenzahl CT, Jim Norton CT, Jim McCarthy MA, Buck Baley MA, and Greg Johnson PA. One of Larry Brudnicki’s LITC cadets, 4/c David Satow from NH is my LITC POC and coordinator.  And Brad Nieson’s LITC cadet Rasa Kirvelevicius from CT is the class VP and helped out greatly with logistics. 

    The first order of business was to meet for lunch Saturday at noon at one of Charlie McCarthy’s favorite hangouts, Filomena’s in Waterford.  Charlie, Tiger, Buck, Larry and Carol, Art and Carolyn, and Greg held down the lunch court and caught up on years of sea stories.  For the formal dinner, Tiger had brought with him 308 Lindt Truffles from Boston for the after dinner chocolates. Charlie, Buck, Tom and I helped defray the costs.  After we adjourned from lunch, Tiger, Buck and I stopped by CGA and with the help of Brad Nieson’s LITC Rasa K, my LITC Kaleigh O’Connor, and Jim McIntire’s LITC Santa Andrianaivo, we put one truffle under each of the overturned coffee cups at the 300 seats in the Cadet Wardroom.  The wardroom had 38 tables set up in formal fare and was really beautiful by wardroom standards.  By the way, word quickly spread that 72 had made such a gesture with the truffles and it was very much appreciated.  BZ to Tiger for making the effort.

    We had the rest of the afternoon off and regrouped at the Chase Hall Quarterdeck at 1845.  Each one of us were assigned a table of 8.  Eight of us had LITC cadets who we had been communicating with over the year and those cadets were at our respective tables.  So for the most part the escorts were our LITC cadets.  That was somewhat a surprise and so when the escorts showed up it was the first time some of us had ever seen our LITC cadets.  That was so very special.  We made our way to the entrance to the wardroom and after the rest of the 4/c had arrived at their seats, we were escorted into the wardroom with the Admiral and Class Advisor, kind of like the ‘official party’. The class president 4/c Dalton Stoves-PC Smith’s LITC Cadet, the Class Advisor LT Summerlin, and ADM Rendon gave a few remarks. As part of 4/c Stoves remarks he recognized the class of 72 and when we stood up, it was seemed to me there was surprise that we had such a good showing.  And then I found it interesting that in the Admiral’s words, this event was being viewed as a celebration looking forward to completing 4/c year and to the upcoming summer training.  I think when we had our 4/c formal I didn’t think of it as a celebration, but how many more days we had to endure before we were no longer SWABs.  But that bubble faded as dinner was served.  Now days, there is a contractor who prepares the meals and the contractors did the serving as would be in a fine restaurant.  There was a salad, then soup, the main dish, dessert and coffee.  It was quite well done.

    By the way, you may have heard that the 4/c take an oral indoc board during the month of March. Basically the 2/c will ask 10 random questions (some with more than one part) from the entire Running Lights.  80% is passing but there are some questions that are ‘must know’.   Once everyone in the class passes, the class gets carryon for the remainder of the year. So that was a big topic of discussion.  By the date of the formal, 3 classmates had yet to pass and they were being tutored by their classmates for their next try sometime the last week in March.  However, as of this post, 4/3/2019, my spies tell me the three had yet to pass.  No carryon yet. 

      (continued below)

Click on photos below for larger image

Greg Johnson, Abby Nitz (IL)

Allison Roth (OR), Greg Johnson 

Art Butler, Bella Allman (MO),
 Greg Johnson

John Lared, Greg Johnson, Jim Norton, Buck Bailey,
 Jim McCarthy, Tom Meisenzal
Cody Fidler (PA), Jake Grube (PA),
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson &
Kaleigh OConnor (PA)
Greg Johnson & Kyra Hartman (PA)

Gwyneth Cantu (OK),
Jim McCarthy,
Clare Brinkman (MI)

Chris Jinsei (Almenia), Herb Williams

Herb's Wardroom Table




     I think the following from Herb Williams sums up the evening perfectly from the standpoint of being involved in the LITC. 


     "Thank you for your continued coordination of our link the chain activities. Like you have shared with us many times, it was fun and brought back memories, particularly the formal dinner in the cadet wardroom. Last time I was in there was 47 years ago.  Podium in the same place. Same view out of the windows. Obvious difference was sitting across from 4 young ladies [in dinner dress blues] which is a good thing.  They and the three male cadets were obviously interested in what it was like for us. I downplayed and barely mentioned the hazing, and instead was able to recount my amazing experiences at the academy such as the project with Electric Boat in the Arctic, my 2nd class summer with the Air Force Academy and of course the real Coast Guard:  ocean station which none of them had heard about, boardings, ship and facility inspections, rescues etc. I told them to take advantage of every opportunity the academy provides. Their friends at home might be going to the beach or holding down summer jobs but none of them were going to have the adventures they were going to have.

   "Maybe because my link in the chain cadet is from the Philippines, we seemed to gravitate to 4/c from other countries. I met cadets from Jordan, Madagascar, the Ukraine, and two other countries. I can’t recall now.
As expected the cadets were poised, attentive, and proud of their class. Equally gratifying was the continued praise our class was receiving for our support of the long blue line and especially the thanks we received from numerous cadets for taking the time to join them. Very gratifying and humbling. Of course let’s not miss that it was an opportunity for us to have had another mini reunion." 






L-R, Back: David, Satow, Larry Joe
Front:  Kealy, Carol, Katie, Roys

Receiving line Tiger and Capt Colletta

Tom Meisenzahl in receiving line

Erin Edwards, Ella Firenzi,

 Charlie McCarthy, NayalinaTamariz





     Along these lines from Herb, I have to mention, after the dinner I went over to Art’s table to talk with him, Carolyn and their LITC Cadet Anne Allman.  I didn’t notice at the time, but all the 4/c from my table politely hung around until I was finished talking with Art and then they came up to me as a group, but then individually and sincerely thanked me and our class for celebrating their first year with them.  At first I was surprised, but then it dawned on me that these young cadets are not like their civilian peers I’m used to back home.  They truly are exceptional and the CG is fortunate that they will be the future of our CG.   

Here are two thankyous the 4/c leadership sent me:

CAPT Johnson! It was an honor having you and your classmates attend our 4/c formal.  We are delighted to have such a wonderful class connected to us.  It will be exciting to begin sharing sea stories in both directions as we begin our summer.  And yes, pictures will be available in the next couple of weeks.  The link will be sent out to those who attended the formal. 
v/r 4/c Rasa K  2022 Class VP      Rasa Kirvelevicius is Brad Nieson's LITC cadet. 
Captain Johnson, I hope you and all of the class of ’72 LITC members had a safe trip back home and enjoyed the time at the Academy for the formal this past weekend.  I know that all of my classmates I have talked to enjoyed having the LITC members there to talk to.  Thank you again for taking the time to make the trip to the Academy.  I look forward to furthering the bond between our classes.
v/r 4/c    David Satow,  2023 LITC Coordinator   David is Larry Brudnicki’s LITC cadet
And From several LITC Cadets to their 72 LITC:

   Thank you so very much for the picture.  And thank you again for coming to our Formal.  It was great to see you again.

   Thank you for coming to our 4/c formal!! You made it really special for me and it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

   We are so elated that you were able to come and spend time with us.  You have shown us that we truly have the coolest, kindest, and most generous LITC member.  You are a blessing in our lives and can’t wait to see you again. 

    The next 2022 LITC event is tentatively set for Tuesday 20 Aug 2019 with an optional opportunity on Monday 19 Aug.  This is the first week back from summer training events and a new academic year as 3/c cadets…their first stripe!!!  Put those dates on your calendar and help us make this a memorable return to CGA for this great class of 2022.  Go 72 Go 22 Go Bears!!!! 



Additional photos submitted by Tiger


Jim McCarthy & Larry Brudnicki

Wardroom Table

Charlie McCarthy in Receiving Line

Receiving Line

11/29/18 - Reply from Greg Johnson

Tiger and LITC classmates.  To answer Tigers questions in his email below I attached the recently issued class of 2022 profile.  The answers to Tiger's questions can be found in this table, less #s 5 (leaving after 1/st semester), 6 (valedictorians)  , and 10 (%stay up till 2400)    # of valedictorians used to be captured, but no longer.  #5 can't be counted until start of 2nd semester and I don't know if admissions is involved in that data point.  And #10 how in the world would you capture how many routinely stay up till 2400?  

Some remarkable stats for 2022. 
23% attended 1+ years of college (I assume includes the 18% Scholars/prep school appointments)  (I did)
41% Parents with military service (My Dad) 
85% Varsity letter and 70% Team Captain (Not me) 
41% Female (highest in history) 
36%  URM  (highest in history) 

SAT scores, the top 25% for verbal and math are above 700!!!  

Another interesting stat and recently not uncommon  390 Appointments and 279 Enrolled.  (note that unlike our day, swearing in occurred on day 1.  We had a week before we were sworn in.)   That means 111 declined their appointments and went elsewhere or were medically disqualified.   I have heard that CGA estimates 25% decline/medical and issues appointments accordingly.   This year 28.5% declined/medical  and so there were more waitlisted appointments than normal.  My state of PA had the following data:

24 appointments
9   Accepted (2 from 1s list, 4 from waitlist, 3 Prep School) 
12 Declined (8 to other academies, 4 to civilian universities)
3 Medical Disqualifications


11/29/18 from Jim McCarthy

I am sending this email to you first and LITC’ers to keep them informed.
I am trying to keep a running history of date, personnel stats like : 
1. Number of Applicants to CGA in 2018.
2. Number of Appointments tendered
3. Number of Appointments accepted
4. Number of people entering Chase Hall 1st day
5. Number of cadets leaving after 1st semester.
6. Percent or number of cadets were valedictorians of their HS.
7. Percent or number of cadets were captains of a HS sports team
8. Percent or number of cadets were to 5% of their graduating HS class.
9. Percent or number of cadets were in the top 10% of their HS graduating class.
10. And it would be interesting to know statistically how many cadets stay up routinely (like 3-5 days a week during the weekdays) until 2400.  I know one of my cadets stays up 5 days a week til 2400.
11. And any other stats such as this.
And it would be interesting to know statistically how many cadets stay up routinely (like 3-5 days a week during the weekdays) until 2400. 
I think keeping track of these numbers will make more sense and take pride in as they get older  (like us).  That they will probably know each and every one of their classmates by name and recognition on the street.
Can you help me out here?  Whom would I call in the Admissions office to get this type of information?  And would they release it?
-    Tiger