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Classmates Sworn-In & Graduated
Updated:  6/09/2020
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Below is a list of classmates sworn in for the Class of 1972.
Charlie McCarthy obtained the list and sent it to us.
Reminisce in the memories over the last 50 years.

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7/25/18 - Stats and lists updated based on classmate email discussions.

Changes or updates needed?  - Email Mark at (private email DL)


(see Stats from Registrar's Office - courtesy of Jim McCarthy)
425   Appointees    Arrived CGA on June 24, 1968
343   New Cadets    Sworn-In on June 28, 1968
12   Reverters      Joined the class of '72 
355   Total entrants for the Class of 72  
177    52% of new cadets
   49% of entrants
   (176 with Commissions, 1 with a Reserve Commission)
Classmates Who Left before Graduation
Commencement Program - June 7, 1972
(courtesy of Tony Stimatz)
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Reverters - Dirty Dozen
(Updated 6/09/2020 - Ccourtesy of Terry Newell)
The following classmates from '71 joined the class of '72
as the 12 reverters (the "Dirty Dozen") and helped many of new cadets get through swab year.
      This list was informally compiled in July 2018 and validated by various email inputs to the Class email chain during various discussions about the Class stats of how many were tendered appointments, how many were sworn in, how many graduated, and how many were reverters.

Graduated with the Class of 1972

James Alderson

Gregory Lapp

Terry Newell
Tom Paar

Danny SanRomani

Mike Shidle

William Turek

Bobby Vail

Woodrow Vaughn

Left during our Swab year

Paul Duddy

Bob Burns

Bruce Schooling

New Classmates Sworn-In on June 24, 1968
(courtesy of Charlie McCarthy)