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James Kehoe
Crossed the Bar
Summer of  8/06/1969

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Updated 11/11/2020

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  Golden Legacy Ceremony 2020  (Added 11/01/2020)
     Our CGA Link In The Chain class of 2022 invited our class to attend their 3/c Formal Dinner Dance on 28 March 2020.  Between the dinner and the dance, the Golden Legacy Ceremony would be held in Leamy Hall whereby our classmates had the opportunity to donate their class rings, to be melted and mixed into the gold for 2022s class rings.

     Eight of our classmates donated their rings, one anonymously in memory of James Kehoe who crossed the bar while a cadet. Unfortunately, the 2020 event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Videos by '72 Ring Donors
     During the fall of 2020, the CGA Alumni Assn assisted our class in creating a video link to virtually represent the cancelled Golden Legacy Ceremony and preserve the memory.  Included in the video link is:
     A 3 minute video by CAPT Greg Johnson  '72 representing:
        * A 72 Anonymous Donor in memory of:
          Cadet 3/c James Kehoe [Crossed the Bar 1969]

       Visit this video made by the Alumni Association for

The Passing of the Rings - Golden Legacy: Class of 1972 and 2022
Obit:  During 3rd class summer cruise aboard Mackinaw while moored in Cheboygan MI, Jim was swimming with some classmates in the river nearby the ship while on liberty when somehow he got caught in the river current and drowned.

   Jim Kehoe is buried in All Saints Braddock Catholic Cemetery near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.