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LCDR Doug Neeb
Crossed the Bar
March 6, 2006

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Obituary & Services

Doug's obituary is on the Dinato Funeral Home webpage where you can leave condolences:

Douglas S. Neeb, 55, of Ledyard died March 6, 2006 in New London. He was born July 12, 1950 in Oceanside Long Island, NY the son of Edward and Elizabeth (Ryf) Neeb of New York.

Mr. Neeb was a 1972 graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy in New London. He retired from the US Coast Guard Reserves and was formerly employed at Cross Sound Ferry in New London and Seaworthy Systems in Essex. He was currently employed by the State of CT as a teacher, teaching at both local state technical high schools.

He is survived by his wife, Barbara (Cooper) Neeb, his two daughters, Jennifer and Heather Neeb of VA, and a brother Michael Neeb of NY.

Barb said flowers would be fine if anyone wants to give, or,
in lieu of flowers, you can give towards the Joslin Diebetes Foundation (at 860-444-4737) or to the Gallup Hill Baptist Church.

Service details are:

The family will greet relatives and friends on Saturday from 10 to 11am at the Dinoto Funeral Home, 17 Pearl Street, Historic downtown Mystic. A funeral service will follow at 11am at the funeral home. Burial will take place in Brainard Cemetery, Cranbury, NJ on Sunday.

Barb's new address is:

Barbara Neeb
306 Salem Turnpike #11
Norwich, CT 06360

Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx

3/9/2006 - from Greg Johnson to the Class

Subject: Remembering Doug Neeb


When I first received word that Doug Neeb had crossed the bar, the message was from MKCS Ed Lewis.  It appeared the Senior Chief was stationed at the Academy and I was curious how he came to know our Classmate, Doug.  So I asked him via email.  His response is copied below. The Senior Chief gave me his permission to share this message with Doug’s classmates, and Mark Noll will post it on our website.  Thank you, Ed and Michelle, for sharing these words of remembrance with us.  

Greg Johnson CGA 72


From: Edward Lewis []
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 5:32 PM
To: Johnson, Walter G
Subject: RE: LCDR Douglas Neeb (ret)

 Sorry for the delay in responding.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to say.  Pretty obvious this caught us off guard.

 So, here is the story...  with the background.

 I reported to the Chief's Academy in New London May 2002 and transferred to Alpha Company in May 2003.  I left the field with 2 stations, 3 pb's, and a 378 behind me and walked into a land of theory and lectures.  I am a ship's mechanic at heart and sure felt out of place.

 I started attending a Promise Keepers meeting on Thursday mornings at 0500.  Never met a more consistent bunch in my life.  Pastor Bruce, Joe DiCarlo, and John Ware were always there.  Jeff Wendt brought a dozen fat pills and Doug Neeb always (and I mean always) stood to greet late comers.  I don't remember ever seeing Doug without a smile and hand shake.  After a couple weeks I found out Doug was retired when I mentioned teaching with Capt. Mike Granier.  Doug and Capt. Granier served together at the Academy.  As conversations do, we drifted from the education field to our prior assignments, talk of stations and personalities, "M" field inspections, boardings, land issues and the wonders of HQ programs...  Good conversation but just normal shop talk.  Then wammo!  Doug mentioned he did time on a pair of 327's and he was an engineer. 

 There was my oasis in the desert.  Someone who understood what I did.  We could talk and relate and appreciate the same stories. 

 When work would get me down, Doug seemed to make me remember where I came from.  All I had to do was see him.  There's the smile and extended hand.  He was on crutches for months and I would have to insist he not stand when I came around, just to stay hi.

 So we would talk, grunt and chuckle just like a pair of engineers.  I doubt some folks even knew we were holding a conversation.

 Now for the rest of the story.  Why I have a special appreciation for Doug.

 I teach history at the Academy during Swab Summer.  It's my favorite 5 hours of the summer.  Imagine getting paid to tell sea stories about the way it was and those who made our service what it is.  There are few common names in the class as I try to cover those who time has forgotten.  I have a video of the Academy in 1932ish.  Always gets a their attention.

 What does history have to do with Doug?  The Coast Guard he lived created the Coast Guard I know.  I know ships, the Academy and HQ.  I am on the Commandant's Leadership Advisory Council and that always gets a conversation going.  Doug, and your class, graduated in 1972.  I was born in 1973.  (Yes, someone will ask, I am that young and a Senior) 

 I had a special affection for Doug because he helped create the culture of my department as a retired engineering officer.  I often joke about the mentoring concept.  You can't assign one, find one, or buy one.  The fact is you don't know you have one until they are gone. 

 I'll miss Doug.  Every time I see a 327 Doug and Chief Karl Dillmann (Delta Company) come to mind.  Good shipmates are hard to find, in and out of the Coast Guard.

 You may think you're not appreciated.  Don't buy into it.  For those of us who know how it was and how it is, thanks.

Carry on shipmates,

Ed Lewis
Senior Company Chief,
Coast Guard Academy


3/8/2006 - from Tim Healey

Subject: Re: Doug Neeb funeral information

Thanks, Dave.  For your info, I can't make Doug's internment next week but I will be at the Viewing and Memorial Service Saturday in Mystic.  It's the least I can do.

I got a call from Teresa, who works at the Neeb's church and is helping Barb with the arrangements.  They are looking for photographs of Doug.  I said I would dig out my yearbook from our graduation year when I got home tonight.  Anything that can be scanned and emailed would be a big help and would certainly look better than anything I might find and then fax to her.  Being limited in my computer-related skills, if you guys have anything or can put the word out, jpg or similar images can be emailed to the Church at  You know that any and all will be appreciated!

Teresa works at the Gallup Hill Baptist Church Wednesday-Friday, 1100-1600.  The church phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Best Regards,

Timothy C. Healey
Director of Safety
(860) 722-5150


3/9/2006 - from John Larned to Class

Subject: Doug's Burial

 Hello All:
This is now confirmed - Doug will be buried on Sunday the 12th at approx
1:30 PM at Brainard Cemetery in Cranbury, NJ. The cemetery is in the
center of town adjacent to the Cranberry Presbytarian Church.
That's about 1 hour north of Philly - If I can assist any one in any way
with logistics from Philly (airport or train) I'm happy to help. Also my
home is available Saturday night for anyone coming from the south - Cindy
and I would be happy to have whoever might drop by. I'm just outside of
Wilmington, DE
Call anytime - 610-357-2900

3/8/2006 - from Dave Engan to Class

Subject: Doug Neeb funeral information

John, et al,

Doug's obituary is on the Dinato Funeral Home webpage, link follows:

There's a place to leave condolences on line. The only service details

The family will greet relatives and friends on Saturday from 10 to 11am at
the Dinoto Funeral Home, 17 Pearl Street, Historic downtown Mystic. A
funeral service will follow at 11am at the funeral home. Burial will take
place in Brainard Cemetery, Cranbury, NJ on Sunday.

Dave Engan
Supervisor, Supply & Pricing
EMIT/BLA/DCAS/Distribution, Pipeline and Supply Applications
Room 2D0232, 3225 Gallows Road, Fairfax, VA 22037 USA
(703) 846-2954

3/8/2006 - from John Larned

Subject: Doug's Funeral Arrangements

Hello All:

I have heard from a handful of classmates and all are in shock and saddened-

I am in touch with Chief Ed Lewis USCG - a good man, an Academy staff member
and friend of Doug's from church.

There is a missing piece here regarding details for the internment in
Cranberry, NJ - I expect it will happen Sunday or Monday and as soon as I
have those details I will pass the word.

Best wishes to all,

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 8:46 AM
Subject: FW: Funeral Arrangements

Mr. Larned,
Please forward this to Doug's friends and shipmates.
Thank you for the assistance,

We should not strive to create leaders. We should forge servants in the
ovens of life and from the fires of adversity leaders will emerge. Ed

----- Original Message -----
From: Church Office
Sent: 3/7/2006 10:24:48 PM
Subject: Funeral Arrangements

Dear brothers and sisters,

Doug's funeral will take place on Saturday, March 11, at the
Dinoto Funeral Home in Mystic ( The viewing is
from 10-11 am; the funeral service given by Pastor Bruce at 11am with a
reception following the service at the Gallup Hill Baptist Church.

I have provided several local hotels, their address, phone #'s
in the Mystic area for you to make reservations if you are coming from
out of town and need a place to stay.

Barb has said flowers would be fine if anyone wants to give, or,
in lieu of flowers can give towards the Joslin Diebetes Foundation (at
860-444-4737) or to the Gallup Hill Baptist Church.

Lastly, I need a count of how many of you plan to attend the
Reception so we know of how much food to serve. Please "RSVP" to this
email if you plan to attend the reception following the service. If you
need directions to the church, our website has detailed directions at . Also, please forward or
pass along this information to anyone you know who isn't on this contact
list and have them RSVP to Thank you!

Hotels: *These hotels have openings on Fridays but Saturdays are

*Best Western
9 Whitehall Ave.
Mystic, CT 06355

3/7/06 - Doug Neeb - Message from John Larned

Subject: Neebo

 Hello Classmates - One more time, I don't know what to say. We've lost another good man. Right now I'm picturing a big strong solid guy with his curly red hair, kind of covered in grease and sweat in the engine room of either the Chincoteague or the Valiant (or whatever the 210 was) that we took to South Hampton, Oslo and Lubek first class year. He was either on one or both of those cruises with me and he liked that engine room stuff- so that's how I'll remember him.

 I spoke briefly today with Barbara - she sounded pretty strong, I was amazed, but she said she was up and down. I'm pretty sure their daughters are with her. It sounds like things happened pretty fast, over the course of a week. He had for some time been dealing with back pain but no awareness that there was anything more serious going on. Now it seems that he had some pretty serious stuff going on inside, with regards to cancer and his heart.

I do not have confirmation of this but I am checking on it- I believe that the funeral arrangements will be through Dinoto's Funeral Home in Mystic. Ph 860-536-2368

There will be a service in Mystic on Saturday with burial following in the next day or so in Cranberry, N.J. I don't know whether these activities are open or private - as soon as I do know I will pass the word.

As with Bobby and Bill - I will remember Neebo with a smile. Once upon a time we all had a few laughs together. 

Make the most of every minute with your families and loved ones!

God bless you all!    John

3/7/06 - Doug Neeb - from Karen Whiting

Subject: Barbara Neeb's new address as of March 1st.

Barb and Doug sold there home last week, two days before he collapsed hospital with heart problems and undiagnosed cancer.

The new address is

Barbara Neeb
306 Salem Turnpike #11
Norwich, CT 06360

Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx

Blessings,  Karen

3/7/06 - Doug Neeb - Passed Away

From: "Edward Lewis" <>
Subject: LCDR Douglas Neeb (ret)
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 00:53:20 +0000

Good evening Mark.
It grieves me to send this, but LCDR Douglas Neeb, class of 1972, passed away today.  He is survived by Barb and his two daughters Jen and Heather.  Barb is here in Ct. and Jen and Heather are back in Va attending Liberty U. 
A time and place for the service has not been announced yet.  I will walk down the hill from Chase and notify the Alumni Center and pass all pert info. 
Doug was a good friend and will be missed.
Very Respectfully,
Senior Chief Ed Lewis
Alpha Company Chief