Hampton Beasley photo


Hampton Beasley
Crossed the Bar
November 7, 2006

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Updated 07/04/2021
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11/7/06 - Hampton Beasley Crosses the Bar

From: Dave & Joelle Engan    
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2006 7:49 AM 
Subject: Picture of Hampton from 1st Class Cruise 

Hi John, I found the picture from 1st class cruise. It's a group shot and doesn't have enough resolution to scan up close on Hampton but it's still a good pic of him I think. 

Dave Engan


From: John Larned
Subject: Hampton Beasley
Date:Wednesday, November 08, 2006 9:58:52 AM 

    Hello Classmates: With sadness I must pass along word that Hampton passed away yesterday. I have called a few of you that I could to give you the news directly, I am sorry I couldn’t do that for everyone. 

As with our other classmates who have passed on, Hampton was a great guy- he will be missed. The news came to me from Stein Miller and Phil Smith. As soon as I have more details on funeral arrangements I will pass them on. I do know that he collapsed at work yesterday afternoon and died shortly thereafter. 

Hampton and Sue have three grown children. Lindsey the oldest and her husband Michael recently had the first grandchild. They have a son Lee and daughter Lauren who is the youngest at age 23. 

Sue’s address is: 

303 Partridge Run Mountainside, 

NJ 07092 

I happen to have our Tide Rips year book with me, I was surprised when I looked at the Bravo Company 1st class informal photo that 4 of that group are no longer with us: Mike Shidle, Ron Gonski, Doug Neeb and Hampton. 

My best to all, count your blessings and be thankful for your families and friends! 


Anyone in the mood to chat can call anytime. 610-357-2900

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Susan Beasley 6/30/2021 7:41 AM

    I am saddened to hear of Mike Gray's passing and offer my deepest sympathies to Debbie and their family. I have fond memories of time spent with him and his classmates in Somers and New London, including meeting and then marrying Hampton (Eddie) Beasley, who crossed the bar almost 15 years ago.  Prayers that he rests in peace and that Debbie and his children find comfort during these difficult days.

      Susan Beasley
Scott Jones - 6/30/2021 1:39 PM
    Thanks for your thoughts. I roomed with Hampton for 1 “Make” wither 3rd or 2nd class year. He was a lot of fun. We had a room on a dead end off the square corridor. Most people did not know it was even there. We could get away with all sorts of mayhem: sleeping in, playing cards late at night or what ever. As if that was not enough, at Christmas Hampton got some swabs to build us a Christmas tree from chicken wire and tissue. It effectively screened our room from anyone that noticed it was there, like the duty officer. It was great for sleeping in and for in room parties. So many fond memories. He was an easy guy to get along with.