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Ben Stoppe
Receives Award
November 2011

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Special Recognition

    The Coast Guard awarded Ben Stoppe the Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award in November 2011 for his work as the Treasurer for over six years of the Coast Guard Aviation Association – Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl (CGAA-AOP).

    It was a complete surprise for Ben & was awarded at the annual convention, or “Roost” in Mobile, AL, after the CGAA had passed out all our annual aviation rescue awards (rotary & fixed-wing), maintenance & safety awards.

    The outgoing president, CAPT Mont J. Smith, USCG (Ret.), got the CG Distinguished PS Award, and two other officers (VPs) of the Association, got the same award as Ben received.  Ben was completely surprised.


(from left to right): the admiral’s aide (don’t remember her name), CAPT Mont Smith, VADM John Currier (reigning Ancient Albatross), CDR Ben Stoppe, and SCPO Peter MacDougall (reigning enlisted Ancient Albatross).