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     Saw the photos and they hit a little too close to home for comfort. Am currently in Iraq on duty with the coalition least for awhile...working with the "new Iraqi navy". I'm actually moonlighting here in Iraq as I was recalled to active duty about 18 months ago and assigned to Yemen, where I've been holed up trying to build a navy/coast guard...keep ships from being blown up...and chasing assorted al Qeda guys. 

   This is the first opportunity in weeks that I've had to access any form of email/internet and want to say that it's been a true delight to read all of the emails about Eagle, Castle Rock, and various other memories that were tucked tightly away somewhere in the recesses of the grey matter. Thought I'd send the photos to you...just to let you know that there ARE non-flag 72ers still stealing an active duty paycheck...but look where you have to go to do it!  

    There was a cosmic reason for Eagle being such a Spartan and inhospitable experience...and Dick, you've shown photos of it. If one can do can do Iraq, Yemen, wherever.

 Regards to all... 

 Bob Innes,  Yemen

Bob serving in Iraq

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